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Type of Institution
Non-governnmental organisation
Meerhuizenstraat 14 N
Netherlands (NL)
Name contact
Number of Persons involved: 20
Age Range: 65-90
People living with dementia
Number of educators involved: 5
Age Range: 30-50
Educators from Erasmus plus prohects
Number of caregivers involved: 20
Age Range: 30-60
Family caregivers
Description of the organization
Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (A'DamMob), is a professional organization
founded in 2012 and located in Amsterdam specialized in training, research in the
field of Digital Competence applied in various disciplinary sectors.
Its goal is to offer learning opportunities to students of all ages to help them to
acquire skills and create professional profiles that reflect the demands of the
current world of work. It represents the meeting point of the most qualified
academic and professional resources in the various areas of expertise.
A'DamMob courses allow participants to develop knowledge and train excellent
skills, through an approach characterized by dynamism, independence, creativity
and attention to people.
The values at the basis of the activities, such as multidisciplinarity, passion,
dynamism, energy, interaction, the ability to listen and to do together, allow us to
create interdisciplinary courses of higher education and contribute to the future of
the territory in a international perspective.
We believe in:
• DIGITAL FERTILIZATION: create a Digital Mindset fertilizing you with change and
digital transformation;
• OPEN INNOVATION: incentivize Open Innovation and promote an innovative
mentality throughout the company;
• DIGITAL LEADERSHIP: develop new leadership behaviors and design a smart
• UPSKILLING & RESKILLING: accelerate new digital skills and competences;
• NEW TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION: adoption of new technologies and process
change management;
• TALENT ATTRACTION: attract and engage new talent to accelerate
transformation and cultural change.
A’damMob promotes also European projects and trainings intended for young
people and adults - usually for employed persons, apprentices, unemployed
persons and union members. Its aim is enhancing professional and linguistic skills
and promoting a greater integration into the worldwide job market. A’damMob
wants to improve the knowledge of European labor system, promoting
multilingualism, multicultural dialogue and business innovation through non-formal
learning through Digital Competences.
How the organisation will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results
The organisation will incorporate the developed project materials and approaches into our educational activities and by promoting them among our network of national and international partners.
The orgaisation will take part in the exchange of experience and expertise during and after the project.

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