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College - University
Doorniksesteenweg 145 8500 Kortrijk
Belgium (BE)
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Description of the organization
VIVES University of Applied Sciences:

These are innovative campuses in five student cities with six interesting study areas, 1,500 motivated staff members, 2,000 professional internship companies and institutions, 5,000 internships, 16,000 great fellow students, 15 student clubs and 1,300 expert guest speakers from the professional field.
But VIVES is so much more: six centres of expertise support companies with research projects, more than 1,000 bachelor's theses are written every year on behalf of the professional field and every year we realise more than five million turnover in social services.


Future-proof education: our education is future-oriented and therefore responds to the results of research. We anticipate evolutions in the professional field, society and the world. In this context, students and lecturers develop innovative and practice-oriented expertise.

People-oriented digitized education: our education aims to acquire and master the ever-evolving digital competencies. With a critical eye, students and teachers make use of the technological innovations in order to shape living, learning and working in a high-quality and efficient way. Strong attention is paid to the role of people in a society in which digital transformation is important.

How the organisation will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results
VIVES University of Applied Sciences wishes to be an associated partner in the project because we fullly support the aims an objectives of the project and recognise the strategic importance of the project outcomes to improve the current situation ar European level in the field of action.

The role this organisation expects to play in the project includes:
- Exchange of experience and expertise during and after the project
- Participation in the Dissemination of the project information
- Promotion of the information about the project to our network of contracts
- Contribution to exploitation and sustainability of the project results

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