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Cooperativa Sociale Solidarietà

Type of Institution
Cooperativa sociale
Via Perrone 3 bis
Italy (IT)
Name contact
Number of Persons involved: 200
Age Range: 65-100
The Cooperative works with two types of elderly people who suffer from dementia: people who live in their own homes and who still enjoy ample autonomy, within the limits of the evolution of the disease, and elderly people who live in nursing homes with ad
Number of educators involved: 20
Age Range: 30-60
These are home health care workers, that is, who work in users' homes by providing home care. We would also involve educators and SDGs active in RSAs, engaged, the former in cognitive stimulation activities and the latter in assistance activities.
Number of caregivers involved: 10
Age Range: 35-65
They are those who follow their loved ones to their homes and who need adequate strategies to better manage their loved one and not experience situations of frustration due to management difficulties in everyday life.
Description of the organization
The Social Solidarity Cooperative was born in Turin in 1983 with a dual purpose:
- promotion of associated work, mainly female, as a possible employment response - experimentation of new services for the person in response to the needs of care and assistance emerging in society.
Its evolution is significantly intertwined with the reality of the Acli Torinesi, and specifically the Acli-Colf Association, from whose social, cultural and political elaboration it has originated, assuming some purposes that have found in the Cooperative "company name" an adequate tool to their pursuit. Historical promoter of home care services in Turin and of the transformation of the role of family collaborators first into Adest and then into OSS, she participated in the management of the services activated by the City starting from the 1980s, subsequently becoming an accredited supplier also for the ASLs. Since 1987 it has been operating in the Turin area, managing, in agreement with the Administration, the home assistance service, participating in the construction of citizenship rights by promoting the culture of home care, an instrument to which many meanings of "health" pertain. In thirty years of experience, he has matured and developed complementary models and professionalism, offering all frail subjects, the elderly, minors, psychiatric patients and their families, concrete and qualified solutions for assistance, care and support.
Cooperativa Solidarity has built up a dense territorial network in recent years with associations, cooperatives, artisans, professional operators and actively collaborates with the various services of the Turin Acli system: Patronato, CAF Acli, ENAIP, Acli Colf, Unione Sportiva Acli and territorial clubs. It joins the Care Expert Consortium by promoting the Pronto Serenità project through which the Intesa San Paolo Workers' Association has selected the Cooperative as part of the "Welcare Family" services. Through this network of collaborations, the Cooperative is able to offer a wide range of services, modular and flexible, aimed at satisfying the needs of care and support of users, activating very diversified care profiles, easily able to adapt to the specific needs of citizens and public administrations.
How the organisation will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results
We will activate training aimed at our operators and the networks of subjects within which the Cooperative operates, made up of family members and formal caregivers as family assistants, who collaborate closely with the SDGs. Once the operators have been trained and sensitized, we intend to work to give space to the topic also in the territories where home operators work through specific and innovative projects, in which we work precisely on activating the user. An example is the CON_tatto project, which we invite you to view from the website:

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