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Type of Institution
Via Tana 5
Italy (IT)
Name contact
Number of Persons involved: 44
Age Range: 55-90
People living with various forms of dementia (Alzheimer - Front temporal dementia - Lewy bodies - Vascular dementia). They are involved, attending our Cognitive Gym 5 days a week from 8.30 to 12.30 where Cognitive Stimulation activities take place , Dance
Number of educators involved: 9
Age Range: 40-70
2 psychotherapists, 1 psychologist, 1 animator, 1 personal assistant, 2 specialized gymnastics teachers, 2 volunteers
Number of caregivers involved: 120
Age Range: 25-60
Children, spouses, grandchildren, siblings
Description of the organization
AMA Associazione Malati di Alzheimer is a voluntary, non-partisan and non-profit association, founded in Chieri on May 17, 2004 at the Alzheimer's Day Center of the Orfanelle Retirement Home in via Tana 5, where it maintained its registered office.
Since 2004 it has been a point of reference on the subject of dementia for the whole ASLTo5 territory, as regards knowledge, support and awareness activities. In particular, the AMA operates on two levels: locally through the participation of members and the collaboration of affiliates, in the region through active participation together with associations that are part of the voluntary rights sector.
The AMA, in its daily actions, is committed to supporting the principle that every effort must be made and every human and economic resource used, in order to ensure the sick and. their families a much more than acceptable quality of life.
The activities proposed are part of the non-pharmacological psychosocial therapies: cognitive stimulation, dance therapy, music therapy, memory and reminiscence laboratory, physical activity (these are interventions aimed at treating the person as a whole, rather than treating the disease itself). The goal is not to heal, but to reach the best possible functional level, slow down cognitive decline, counteract the tendency to isolation in the family and social context, contain behavioral disorders, reduce welfare stress, delay institutionalization.
Family Support Group
The project has the following objectives:
1) Offer an emotional "container".
2) Manage individual anxieties.
3) Manage the relationship with the patient.
4) Prevent possible psychopathological disorders (stress, anxiety, depression…).
5) Provide behavioral tools for managing the patient.
How the organisation will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results
AMA ASSOCIATION actively collaborates with general practitioners, general practitioners, ASLTO5 and the Consorzio del Chierese with which it has entered into an agreement. AMA disseminates MYH4D information to all of them.
AMA publishes MYH4D posts and all forms of information on the website, which has about 30 daily views.

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