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Consorzio Ovest Solidale

Type of Institution
Public Administration
Public Administration
Via Nuova Collegiata 5 Rivoli (TO)
Italy (IT)
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Description of the organization
Consorzio Ovest Solidale (C.O.S.) is the instrumental body of the associated municipalities (Collegno,
Grugliasco, Rivoli, Rosta and Villarbasse) for social welfare functions and aligns its activity to the principles and objectives established by the L.R. n. 1/2004, through an orientation aimed at promoting the well-being of the person, the prevention of discomfort and the improvement of the quality of life.
The Consortium's action is aimed at helping and supporting people and families in difficulty a
cause of family, economic, social, relational and educational problems, paying attention to
principle of respect for the person, for his uniqueness and dignity, for his right to self-determination
and participation in the definition of the personalized project, in the right to privacy.
The services offered are aimed at all citizens residing in the consortium territory, such as: minors, elderly,
disabled, disadvantaged people, etc.
In particular, for the Elderly Area, the Consortium promotes interventions aimed at encouraging:
- the well-being of the elderly person and their quality of life, favoring maintenance in the their social and relational context, including through the provision of economic interventions a support of domicile;
- the accompaniment of elderly people unable to remain in their own context of life in temporary or permanent reception projects in residential facilities;
- support for social life, both in the home and in the residential area, in close proximity connection with the network of resources, the third sector and the voluntary sector, present in the area.
How the organisation will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results
In recent years, COS has launched a series of welfare projects and development actions of Community in favor of the elderly, self-sufficient and non self-sufficient population, and for the area of ​​disability. Some of these are:
- Project "An.Co.Re. - Elderly, Communities, Networks ”- WECARE Regional Call, in
collaboration with ASL - Health Promotion and other subjects of the Third Sector, addressed
to over 65 in fragile conditions;
- "Well-fare - Fare Bene ( 2.0)" Project - Regional Call - in continuity with the previous Project, aimed at strengthening the bonds of closeness and support too through mortgage processes
- “Domiciliarmente in rete” Project - Regional Call, in collaboration with the Municipal administrations of the consortium territory and other consortia of the health district, aimed at qualifying care services aimed at people with limited autonomy, favor undeclared work mechanisms;
- Projects in collaboration with local territorial realities that deal with disabilities (eg.
“Progetto Davide” Association).
The MYH4D Project fits into and integrates the framework of the projects described, helping to expand the social and health integration system, through collaboration of the various subjects, public, private and third sector.

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