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Slovenian Institute for Adult Education

Type of Institution
Public Institute
Ulica Ambrožiča Novljana 5
Slovenia (SI)
Name contact
Number of Persons involved:
Age Range:
Number of educators involved: 4
Age Range: 38-60
Working in the filed of informatics, consulting, promotion and evaluation of adult education
Number of caregivers involved:
Age Range:
Description of the organization
The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (ACS/SIAE) is the leading national public institution that provides research, development, consulting, advanced training and awareness-raising in the field of adult education in Slovenia. At the same time, all these services and development activities are also provided in support of providers of educational programs and activities in the adult education sector, such as: study circles, knowledge exchanges, self-study center, counseling centers, quality consultants, green quality mark, Life-Long Learning Weeks, Learning Parade and Elementary School for Adults. All of these contractors represent a fundamental implementation in the field of adult education, and have constant professional support of the ACS/SIAE. In the long run, we are focused on promoting the development of learning and adult education in Slovenia. Through our work, we contribute to an increased and faster response of the adult education network to the new development needs of Slovenia and to raising the quality of this education. We encourage integration into the adult education network and cooperate with other networks and providers both nationally and internationally. We establish a culture of learning in our own organization and in the organizations we work with.
How the organisation will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project results
- exchange of experience and expertise in the field of health literacy education and training on dementia,
- test of the test version of the online course "Be connected" (in English),
- participation at the multiplier event to be organized by ZDUS in Ljubljana in 2022,
- networking with other stakeholders,
- use of project results,
- project promotion.

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